FreeWalkers Kennedy50 photo frame

Custom frames have mostly been discontinued on Facebook, but we long-distance walkers are ever stubborn and find a way!

Step 1: Save your social media profile photo as a JPEG to your device.
Step 2: Choose File and select your profile photo. Step 3: Upload Photo.
Step 4: Download the result to your device.
Step 4: Apply the new image as your profile photo.

Upload Photo

Download photo

This code creates a form with an input field for the URL of the image file and a submit button. When the form is submitted, the data is sent to the script download.php. The download.php script checks if the form data was submitted by checking if the image_url value was set. If it was set, the header() function is used to specify the content type and filename of the image file that will be downloaded to the client's computer. The readfile() function is then used to read the contents of the image file from the specified URL and output it to the client's browser. This will cause the image to be saved to the client's computer when the form is submitted.